Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Frayin' Easy Down The Road I Go

“Pair of boots and a sack of clothes
Free and easy down the road I go.”

I've been using and washing certain clothing items more frequently, and some of my favoured ones surprisingly have been cheap Walmart "Starter" brand which they don't carry in Canada. Their shirts are perfect for touring because they wash well and dry easy. Since one of my more expensive brand name shorts have begun to fray at the seams, I decided to duck into a Walmart at Marquette and ended up buying several items. With those, plus the few souveneir t-shirts I've bought along the way, my panniers are getting fat.

The route between Marquette and Munising is really beautiful, the kind of scenery I was hoping to see more of along the south shore of Superior. There are long stretches of beaches with nobody on them. Crashing surf just like the seaside but with freshwater practically clean enough to drink.

Almost looks like the Florida panhandle

Everyday is Christmas in this town

At Munising, I had to try the quintessential Yooper snack — pasties. A shop that had a sign boasting they had the best in the Upper Peninsula was as good a place as I could ask for. Yooper pasties are basically a giant empanada filled mostly with potato and a bit of meat. Pretty tasty, pasty, it made for a good lunch.

The road turned inland again after Munising, back into the forested interior. I had a drink at a truck stop and sure enough some country music came on the radio.

“If you only get to go around one time
I'm gonna sit back and try to enjoy the ride.”

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