Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fleetwood Mac

One week to go and it seems like it will be hard to tie all the loose ends on some of my projects. I may need a way of responding to clients' needs while I'm on the road. Since my work files are all on Mac computers, my dinky little HP netbook just won't do. So although it's a big expense, I splurged on an 11" MacBook Air — OK, I've always wanted one, and it would make blogging so much easier. This big dent on my credit card is an elegant little machine, as powerful as my regular laptop but lighter than the plastic netbook. Anyway, I'll find a way for it to pay for itself somehow.

And oh, but just look at how well it goes with my cycling gear! :)

This is going to be the most technology I've packed on a bike trip. Aside from this computer. I'm taking portable hard drive, a Garmin Montana GPS, a good digital camera and a cellphone. It will be an interesting experiment on how much work I'm able to do while travelling, which could open up possibilities if I want to take off in the winter :)

Yesterday I packed up all my gear into the saddlebags and went for a good ride just to get feel for the loaded bike again. It always takes a bit of getting used to, and taking the cargo out for a spin brings back a bit of confidence on the road. I don't want a repeat of last year when I stepped out of San Diego Airport without having done any test runs, and got on the loaded rig for the first time in months coming out of winter. It was shaky getting out of the city and heading into the mountains on the first day.

I had to survey some trails in the outskirts of town for work so I extended my test run out to the gravel paths in the Greenbelt. The bike handles the weight really well with the new handlebars. Sweet!

"I'm gonna win (I'm gonna win),
I'm gonna beg, steal, or borrow...."

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