Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One Step Ahead

I dilly-dallied in Vegreville in the morning, cut my hair (brought along a mini hair buzzer) and gorged myself at al local bakery. I was getting close to breaking one of the commandments of cycle touring: Thou shall not squander a tailwind.

And what a tailwind it was. I left after 1pm, but made the 90 kms to Vermillion in under three and a half hours including a short break. There were times I was cruising over 34 kph, which on a loaded bike feels like flying. I spent an hour in town fuelling up with a burger and a large root beer.

This part of Alberta is actually really interesting, with its soft undulations. Interspersed with the hills of crops are small lakes and wetlands, often described as "knob and kettle" landscape. The sky and land interact, and on a day like today, it seems alive and dynamic — the fluffy white clouds dappling the sunlight on the bright yellow fields of canola. Sometimes I feel like I am chasing the clouds as they cast fleeting shadows on the highway.

Looks like it's a bumper crop of pipes for Enbridge!

I made the 150 kms to Lloydminister  in full sunlight, all thanks to the tailwind. Lloydminister is an odd town as the provincial border runs right down its main street. Unlike border twin cities (Ottawa-Gatineau for example), Lloydminister is one single city shared between two provinces.

So one step ahead and I'm in Saskatchewan.

“One step ahead of youStay in motion, keep an open mind”

The Split Enz... how much more of a pun is that?

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