Saturday, July 13, 2013

Two Princes

"This one said he wants to buy you rockets"

Prince George sits on the other side of BC's central hump from Prince Rupert, and judging from the trucks I see on the highway, my impression is that George collects and makes something out of stuff, while Rupert mainly works in the mail room. The two places can't be more different. Towards the Pacific, I saw a lot of signs protesting, "No Pipeline", on this side I've spotted ones that say "Yes to Jobs". British Columbia is a paradoxical and polarized place, you're either a tree hugger or a tree chopper, there seems to be very few shades of green in between.

Alright,  Mr. Fortune Cookie, if you say so.

Yesterday was another intermittent rainy and sunny day, like the weather was stuck on a rinse, dry and repeat cycle. In a small roadside diner, I met a round-the-world cyclist who has been on the road for a few years. There was a time when I dreamt of doing that, but seeing the world in smaller bits spread out over time has worked out much better for me.

The wet weather hasn't been great for taking photos.

Most of the landscape was like this anyway

Big plunge into Prince George

After cycling a thousand kilometres, this spin doctor is prescribing a rest day even though I actually don't feel overly tired. David and Megumi are generously hosting me in their comfy home while I'm in Prince George, and I have a bit of work to catch up on.

Crossing the Coast Mountains
I'm an inch closer to home!

"And if you want to buy me flowers, just go ahead now."

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  1. I concur with Mr Fortune Cookie. Was that the winning lotto sequence below?

    One inch closer to home and still so far away...